The Skating Club of Boston in a public private partnership with the City of Boston to operate The Boston Common Frog Pond and expand the programs and services offered to the Boston community. In addition to expanding the ice skating calendar and services, the Club continues to add more programs to our year-round Calendar. Whether it’s skating lessons with The Skating Academy, summer yoga, movie nights, or our Skating Spectactulars, The Skating Club of Boston always has something fun going on at The Boston Common Frog Pond.

The Skating Club of Boston is one of the nation’s most unique and vibrant figure skating destinations. It is a community of families, athletes, and professionals united by a love of skating and a commitment to bringing excellence to every facet of the sport. Through the richness of its programs, the quality of its staff, and the energy of its 700-plus members, The Skating Club of Boston ensures that all of its skaters have the opportunity to pursue their dreams while also giving back to the community. From the recreational skater to the Olympic hopeful, singles to teams, beginners to lifelong enthusiasts, The Skating Club of Boston continues to add to its place in figure skating history on a daily basis. Its public/private partnership with the Boston Parks department to manage The Boston Common Frog Pond is an opportunity to elevate and strengthen the complementary visions and goals of both organizations.

Community and charity programs have been the heart of The Skating Club of Boston throughout its history. No activity of the Club has been more important through the years or has done more to preserve the unity of the Club’s membership than its annual charity ice skating show, Ice Chips. In 1911, the Club was the first to present a complete ice carnival to the public. In the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s the Club’s carnival spectaculars were events of grand scale, showing before capacity houses at the Boston Garden. These annual carnivals have continued throughout the years and have been held at Harvard University’s Bright Arena and BU’s Agganis Arena.

Besides “Ice Chips,” The Skating Club of Boston hosts and organizes numerous additional charity and community events throughout the year. The major benefactors this past year included the Children’s Hospital, Project Bridge for the Homeless, and the Girl Scouts. The Skating Club of Boston at Frog Pond is implementing numerous unique scholarship and community service programs. Please visit the Community Programs section of this website for more information on our scholarship and community programs at The Boston Common Frog Pond.

History of The Skating Club of Boston

The sport of figure skating in the United States has its roots in the greater Boston area. In 1908, the first exhibition of the “International Style” of skating in the United States was held across the river in Cambridge, MA. This style of skating is of course, now universally recognized throughout the world as figure skating. Figure skating had great local appeal and an enthusiastic group of Boston skaters informally known as the “Back Bay Skating Club,” who had shared skating outdoors at various sites in the Boston area decided that a club was needed to formally organize the practice of figure skating on indoor ice.

The building of the Boston Arena in 1909, which was one of the first indoor artificial ice surfaces in the United States, gave skating a great boost and the era of “modern” figure skating began. With good ice available regardless of the weather, Boston skaters incorporated The Skating Club of Boston in 1912.

As the sport grew and expanded westward from its beginnings along the eastern seaboard and as national and international participation was re-established after World War I, the need for a national governing body for the sport soon became obvious. As a result, in 1921, the US Figure Skating Association (USFSA) was formed and it became apparent that The Skating Club of Boston, together with the representatives from New York, would guide the activities of the USFSA. This leadership has continued over the years and The Skating Club of Boston provides leadership and guidance to the USFSA in three major areas of activity: administration, competition and carnival (shows for community and charity).

The leadership of The Skating Club of Boston has continued to play a pioneering role in the promotion of international participation in the sport. To date, seven members of The Skating Club of Boston have served as President of the USFSA. The list of champion skaters of The Skating Club of Boston is too long to list. However, these champions of the Club over the years played some of the most instrumental roles in bringing the competitive art to its present high state of development in the United States.

The Skating Club of Boston is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit institution incorporated in 1912, making it the third oldest skating club in the United States. The Skating Club of Boston has 98 years of experience in all elements of running ice skating facilities and related community programs.  It is one of the most respected and reputable institutions in this industry in the country.