FREE Summer Yoga

free summer yoga at Frog Pond

 See you at the first class June 7th! 6-7:15pm

Joins us every Thursday near the Frog Pond Carousel for free summer yoga! Vibrant instructors will lead a vinyasa flow class for all levels, encouraging everyone to challenge themselves at their own pace. The classes focus on releasing stress and expanding energy, all while taping into nature at America’s oldest public park. Participants should come prepared with their own mats and plenty of water.



Brian Lam

Brian Lam Brian Lam brings a playful spirit to his classes and loves to share his experiences with his students. Brian is a certified AcroYoga teacher, having completed both Level 1 and Level 2 teacher training with founder Jason Nemer. He is also a certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher, having completed Level 1 and 2 with Baron Baptiste. Brian leads an invigorating vinyasa class in which he stresses the importance of individualizing each student’s practice to fit his or her own body. He encourages students to explore and be creative within the framework of the practice.

“This practice is accessible by anyone, regardless of size, strength, flexibility or injuries. I’ve had two major surgeries on my shoulder, yet can still practice, take care of my body, and feel the power of my body through this practice. This practice is a very physical practice, but we use the physical to access our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It helps us achieve things we never thought possible. By being present to our body and breath and by giving ourselves permission to grow, anything and everything can open up for us.”


Sharon Koh

Sharon KohSharon is a native of Belmont, MA and spent her collegiate career being trained as a classical musician. Never regarding herself as remotely athletic, she eventually found yoga in 2006 with the invitation from her sisters, after overcoming a series of personal losses.

“The practice was the one thing in the fog of everything at that time, that made me cry, laugh, trust, share, and taught me how to not take myself too seriously. Most importantly, the yoga practice woke me up to feeling again without running away or putting up barriers.”

Sharon’s practice evolved into volunteering at the studio which eventually led to becoming an assistant and teacher at the Baptiste Power Yoga Studios in Boston. She received her 200 hour training under Baron Baptiste and her 500 hour training under Rolf Gates. Sharon recently trained in yoga and 12 step recovery with Nikki Meyers and is working on fulfilling her certification with ChildLight Yoga to bring yoga to children. Off the mat she is a beekeeper, gardener, marathoner, lover of books, and has a passion for cooking and cycling as well as raising her best teacher, her toddler son who reminds her to be present.


Genevieve Oba

Genevieve Oba Genevieve was immersed in yoga as a child, having gone to primary school at an ashram where all eight branches of yoga were part of her daily curriculum. During this time, she was featured in an instructional kids yoga video and book, produced by Integral Yoga. Years later, she became certified to teach in the Integral Yoga tradition, and later prenatal yoga during her first pregnancy. After a few years of practicing Ashtanga yoga, she became a devoted vinyasa yoga practitioner, and earned her vinyasa teacher certification.

Genevieve has been teaching yoga in the Boston area since 2003. Besides having a family, yoga has been one of the greatest gifts of her life. Genevieve’s classes are designed to uplift your spirit, ground your body, and quiet your mind. When she’s not on the mat, she can often be found running through the woods with her dog.


Lauren DAngelo

Lauren DAngeloLauren’s teaching philosophy is that yoga can benefit all body types; if you can breathe, you can benefit from yoga. The base of her classes is a focus on breath, while leading students through a series of asanas. The sequence and intensity of the class vary in accordance with students’ experience, energy and prowess. Lauren’s classes are accessible to beginners, while also challenging for intermediate students, with individual attention paid to each student.

“Being an avid athlete, marathoner, half-marathoner as well as tri-athlete, I am a firm believer that yoga helps us tune in and understand our bodies, it gives us the space to listen, and this space follows us off of our mat and into the world.”

Lauren has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, including Power Vinyasa Flow and Traditional Hot Vinyasa. She has taught in corporate settings at Oakley Headquarters and Under Armour Headquarters. She is 100 Hour Baron Baptiste Certified, 300 Hour Radiant Yoga Certified, 200 Hour Core Power Yoga Certified, and 500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher.


Summer FREE Yoga at Boston Common Frog Pond is part of Boston Health Commission’s Summer Fitness Series and is managed by The Skating Club of Boston.


A public private partnership with the City of Boston and The Skating Club of Boston to operate The Boston Common Frog Pond and offer enriching programs and services to the Boston community.