free summer yoga at Frog Pond

See you next summer! 

Joins us every Thursday near the Frog Pond Carousel for free summer yoga! Vibrant instructors will lead a vinyasa flow class for all levels, encouraging everyone to challenge themselves at their own pace. The classes focus on releasing stress and expanding energy, all while taping into nature at America’s oldest public park. Participants should come prepared with their own mats and plenty of water.



Genevieve Oba


genevieve oba yoga instructorGenevieve has been practicing yoga since she was a child and says that most days it still feels new to her. That’s what she really loves about the practice of yoga. Whenever you step onto the mat, it’s an opportunity to feel something new or maybe even just let go of something. She’s found that yoga is a very useful way to relieve stress and to help quiet the mind—especially in today’s busy world of multitasking and connectivity. And she absolutely loves teaching yoga. She’s been teaching in the Boston area since 2003 and has taught people of all ages and bodies. Genevieve’s classes are primarily vinyasa flow and filled with dynamic sequences that are both playful and challenging. Alignment and breath are strong components of all of her classes and she believes are key in improving one’s practice. She’s passionate about the power of one’s yoga practice to change the way they feel in the rest of their life.

“Besides having a family, yoga has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. I am also a visual artist and love spending times outdoors—whether it’s running through the woods with my dog or gardening in my yard.”

Loni Paul

Loni’s yoga practice has served her to overcome chronic pain, and with creativity and compassion, to return her body to a state of health and well-being. She brings this personal experience to her teaching of yoga—a blend of energetic, mindful and meditative flow, with key elements of yin yoga—which is grounded in self-acceptance and a healthy dose of friendliness. Her goal is to make the yoga and meditation practice accessible to all, with the intention of creating a safe, respected and yet adventurous space for her students to explore and celebrate their unique abilities and potential.  Loni is a 200-RYT Yoga Alliance instructor and is also certified to teach SPA Yoga®. Always the student; Loni is pursuing a 300-hour advanced certification in yin yoga, meditation and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Josh Summers. She is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, and currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Nutrition. “I am so grateful to be able to share the trans-formative power of yoga to nurture body, mind and soul with you! May you step off the mat feeling refreshed, restored and balanced!”

Emily Leadholm

Emily Leadholm yoga instructor

Emily Leadholm is a senior teacher and member of the Yoga Teacher Training Faculty at O2 Yoga in Somerville and Cambridge.  What she loves about yoga is the way it carves a path inward and wakes people up to themselves; both the physical and emotional self. Emily’s classes focus on feeling the yoga through creative sequencing and mindful stillness. When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, Emily is a psychotherapist in private practice in Cambridge, MA.


Devon Wilson Hill

devon wilson hill yoga instructor

Devon found yoga at the library. She checked out a black and white printed book and began doing the poses and sequences she found. It made her happy and feel strong. Eventually, she found a yoga class that was run in a school cafeteria before there were yoga studios on every corner. The rest is history and three decades later, she holds several advanced teaching certifications. Now, she teaches individuals throughout their lifecycle. Devon also instructs kids in schools and in enrichment programs; teenage athletes to balance their varsity pursuits; Yoga for Runners, (and cyclists and all the fun sports); Prenatal and Postnatal yoga and Mom and Baby series. Through yoga movement and her teaching, Devon builds community with her students. She herself is a runner, cyclist, kayaker, violinist, mother, travel enthusiast, burger connoisseur, feminist, and organizer. She likes to do all the things that make her smile. Devon’s classes are fun and playful, allowing time for somatic awareness, adjustment, and modification.  She guide her students to move mindfully through a balanced practice.  Intelligence, patience, and attention keep bodies safe as they flow through the movements. Humor and a non-dogmatic approach make for a fun experience.


Free Summer Yoga is part of the Boston Parks Summer Fitness Series with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department and Boston Public Health Commission.  Free Summer yoga is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield, presented by KIND Snacks, and managed by The Skating Club of Boston.

Cancellation Policy:
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