In the event inclement weather or an emergency situation presents a risk to our visitors, coaches, and employees, a decision to close will be made by the Frog Pond General Manager and may be in conjunction with decisions announced by the City of Boston.

The Boston Common Frog Pond will announce delays and closures during periods of inclement weather or emergency situations via the following channels:

Web – notification bar at the top of each web page
Facebook –
Twitter – @FrogPondBoston
Instagram – @FrogPondBoston

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Any decision to close will be based on conditions at The Boston Common Frog Pond in Boston, MA.

When a decision to close is made, all scheduled events, activities, and classes will be canceled unless otherwise stated.

FREE Summer Yoga – decisions to cancel yoga are made and announced at 4pm on the day the event will take place. Announcements will follow our general procedure as stated above.

Visit the following web sites for information on their delays & closings:
The Skating Club of Boston Skating Academy (classes and private lessons held at Frog Pond)


The Boston Common Frog Pond will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.