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FREE Yoga at Frog Pond

FREE Summer Yoga has ended for the 2015 season. Thanks to all who attended!


A vibrant group of instructors leads power vinyasa flow for over 100 students of all levels. This style of yoga provides a space for all to challenge themselves, release stress, expand energy, and tap into the beauty of trees, grass, and water found at Boston’s most historic park.


Kyoungho KohKyoungho Koh is a yoga teacher, licensed massage therapist (LMT), and field hockey and lacrosse coach born and raised in Boston. She came to yoga through her passion of field hockey, having played at a high level for many years which left her with knees so painful and stiff that she could barely get up from a chair.

“After my first class at the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute (BPYI), I realized that despite all of my prior athletic endeavors, I had little integrated strength, was short on flexibility, and did not have as deep a focus as I had thought, could not balance, and did not have a relationship to my breath. I was excited to find this place to learn in a way that spoke to my interest in being active and having access to my future in movement. After 4 months of practice, my knees healed and I regained full range of motion. The physical healing was just the beginning as I came to yoga also trying to hold together heartbreak from the loss of my father to cancer. I am honored to hold space for others to come to their mat, just as they are, allowing change to happen, and uncovering all that is possible when vulnerability becomes an act of courage and strength.”

Several years later, Kyoungho enrolled at Cortiva Massage Institute in Boston, MA and completed her training by end 2013, graduating in early January 2014.

“Surprisingly, as I was moving through the final months of schoolwork, I struggled with my physical health having spent my day hours sitting for work, then my evening and weekend hours sitting for school during 2013. My back and hips began to lock up and I found myself wondering if I had put myself through school only to find that I would not be able to do something I loved – help others find relief in their bodies. What I did not know was that this would lead me to receive massage and bodywork, and, it would lead me to the modality that resonated most in freeing me from what I learned to be restrictions in the fascia in the low back and hips: myofascial release. I would learn that everything I wanted back in mobility would not happen in a week or a month, but even so in a week and in a month, much changed. Now, a year later, I have my low back and hips back and am starting to play more on the mat, testing out jump backs and forward. There is much less pain, and I have more energy back as I realized how much energy is spent fighting the restrictions that had wrapped around my body like a snake.

Life has a way of giving us the experiences we need to better understand ourselves, and for that, I am thankful and look to be in service to others who are looking for a way back to what is most important: our happiness and health.

Kyoungho has had the good fortune to study with many wonderful life teachers. Through BPYI she studied with Master teachers Claire Este-McDonald, Gregor Singleton and Elizabeth Huntsman. Their deep set intent inspired her to step towards instruction with Baron Baptiste and complete his Teacher Trainings 1 & 2. In August, 2012, Kyoungho completed an additional 200 hours through the YogaWorks method with instructor Natasha Rizopoulos, deepening her understanding of alignment to flow. In January 2014, Kyoungho graduated from the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy (Boston, MA), and is in practice at Sollievo Massage and Bodywork (Cambridge, MA). Visit where you will find Kyoungho’s most up to date yoga teaching schedule and more about her massage and bodywork practice.

Brian LamBrian Lam loves to bring a playful spirit to his classes and share from his heart with all communities he connects with. Brian is a certified AcroYoga teacher, having completed both Level 1 and Level 2 teacher training with founder Jason Nemer. Brian is also a certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher, having completed Level 1 and 2 with Baron Baptiste. Brian leads an invigorating vinyasa class in which he stresses the importance of individualizing each student’s practice to fit his or her own body. He encourages students to explore and be creative within the framework of the practice.

“This practice is accessible by anyone, regardless of size, strength, flexibility or injuries. I’ve had two major surgeries on my shoulder, yet can still practice, take care of my body, and feel the power of my body through this practice. This practice is a very physical practice, but we use the physical to access our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It helps us achieve things we never thought possible. By being present to our body and breath and by giving ourselves permission to grow, anything and everything can open up for us.”

Pilar CasoPilar Caso has been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2001. Her love and compassionate heart shines through, as she guides her students through her high energy Power Vinyasa Flow.

She is a certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and has attended bootcamps in Costa Rica, Maya Tulum, Mexico, and Montana, as well as completed Level I, Level II and Level III Teacher Trainings with Baron Baptiste.

Pilar has also instructed seminars on self-esteem for middle-school teenagers at The Nashoba Brooks School in addition to the Lawrence Academy in Groton. She enjoys helping individuals discover the enriching benefits yoga can offer. Pilar has done a lot of work at the non-profit YogaHOPE Organization where she focused on supporting underserved and homeless women in their recovery from domestic violence and substance abuse.

As a mother of two, she encourages her children and all to be “internally empowered and eternally inspired.”

Genevieve ObaGenevieve Oba was immersed in yoga at the age of 9, having gone to primary school at an ashram where all eight branches of yoga were part of her daily curriculum. Years later, she became certified to teach in the Integral Yoga tradition, and later prenatal yoga during her first pregnancy. She became a devoted vinyasa yoga practitioner, and earned her vinyasa teacher certification.

She has been teaching yoga in the Boston area since 2003. Besides having a family, yoga has been one of the greatest gifts of her life.

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