Style Guide

The following documents are provided for official use by The Skating Club of Boston and The Boston Common Frog Pond management.

The purpose of this page is to assist in the consistent use of style by explaining the components of the The Skating Club of Boston Style Guide & Logo Usage. While the official guide (linked below) contains the standards for usage of all Club and Frog Pond communications, including logo placement, colors, typography and style, the documentation provided on this page includes the information and files most commonly needed to conduct day-to-day business.


Requests for variations or changes to the existing Style Guide can be referred, in advance, to Tammy Perlman at


The Skating Club of Boston Style Guide & Logo Usage (pdf)

Co-branding, Sponsorship, Advertising Policy for Web, Social Media and Print Media (pdf)

U.S. Figure Skating Style Guide (pdf)

U.S. Figure Skating Graphics Standards Manual logo usage (pdf)


Frog Pond Logos & Fonts

The primary logo is green and blue. An alternative is offered and should be used only when documents will be printed in black & white.

The Boston Common Frog Pond logo (below) is to be used on all official Frog Pond communications, media, brochures, posters, flyers, etc.

Primary logo – full color


Frog Pond Logo


Secondary logo – black



Secondary logo – white (shown over a dark background)

Frog Pond Logo White



For all communications, advertisements, brochures, etc., use only the following fonts. Use of any other font requires prior approval.

Arial (Narrow)



Green – Primary
Pantone – Pantone 360C
Hexadecimal – #00bd29
RGB – 0-189-41
CMYK – 67-4-100-0

Blue – Secondary
Pantone – 7683C
Hexadecimal – #0076b5
RGB – 0-118-181
CMYK – 80-47-11-1

Orange – Secondary
Pantone – 7578C
Hexadecimal – #FE5E08
RGB – 246-99-0
CMYK – 8-71-96-1


A public private partnership with the City of Boston and The Skating Club of Boston to operate The Boston Common Frog Pond and offer enriching programs and services to the Boston community.